Doctree node classes added by Sphinx

Nodes for domain-specific object descriptions

class sphinx.addnodes.desc(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for object descriptions.

This node is similar to a «definition list» with one definition. It contains one or more desc_signature and a desc_content.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_signature(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for object signatures.

The «term» part of the custom Sphinx definition list.

As default the signature is a single line signature, but set is_multiline = True to describe a multi-line signature. In that case all child nodes must be desc_signature_line nodes.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_signature_line(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for a line in a multi-line object signatures.

It should only be used in a desc_signature with is_multiline set. Set add_permalink = True for the line that should get the permalink.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_addname(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for additional name parts (module name, class name).

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_type(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for return types or object type names.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_returns(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for a «returns» annotation (a la -> in Python).

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_name(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for the main object name.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_parameterlist(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for a general parameter list.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_parameter(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for a single parameter.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_optional(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for marking optional parts of the parameter list.

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_annotation(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for signature annotations (not Python 3-style annotations).

class sphinx.addnodes.desc_content(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for object description content.

This is the «definition» part of the custom Sphinx definition list.

New admonition-like constructs

class sphinx.addnodes.versionmodified(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for version change entries.

Currently used for «versionadded», «versionchanged» and «deprecated» directives.

class sphinx.addnodes.seealso(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Custom «see also» admonition.

Other paragraph-level nodes

class sphinx.addnodes.compact_paragraph(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for a compact paragraph (which never makes a <p> node).

New inline nodes

class sphinx.addnodes.index(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for index entries.

This node is created by the index directive and has one attribute, entries. Its value is a list of 5-tuples of (entrytype, entryname, target, ignored, key).

entrytype is one of «single», «pair», «double», «triple».

key is categolziation characters (usually it is single character) for general index page. For the detail of this, please see also: glossary and issue #2320.

class sphinx.addnodes.pending_xref(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for cross-references that cannot be resolved without complete information about all documents.

These nodes are resolved before writing output, in BuildEnvironment.resolve_references.

class sphinx.addnodes.literal_emphasis(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node that behaves like emphasis, but further text processors are not applied (e.g. smartypants for HTML output).

class sphinx.addnodes.abbreviation(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for abbreviations with explanations.

class sphinx.addnodes.download_reference(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for download references, similar to pending_xref.

Special nodes

class sphinx.addnodes.only(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for «only» directives (conditional inclusion based on tags).

class sphinx.addnodes.meta(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for meta directive – same as docutils” standard meta node, but pickleable.

class sphinx.addnodes.highlightlang(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Inserted to set the highlight language and line number options for subsequent code blocks.

You should not need to generate the nodes below in extensions.

class sphinx.addnodes.glossary(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node to insert a glossary.

class sphinx.addnodes.toctree(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for inserting a «TOC tree».

class sphinx.addnodes.start_of_file(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node to mark start of a new file, used in the LaTeX builder only.

class sphinx.addnodes.productionlist(rawsource='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for grammar production lists.

Contains production nodes.

class sphinx.addnodes.production(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[fuente]

Node for a single grammar production rule.