Sphinx provides utility classes and functions to develop extensions.

Base classes for components

These base classes are useful to allow your extensions to obtain Sphinx components (e.g. Config, BuildEnvironment and so on) easily.


The subclasses of them might not work with bare docutils because they are strongly coupled with Sphinx.

class sphinx.transforms.SphinxTransform(document, startnode=None)[fuente]

A base class of Transforms.

Compared with docutils.transforms.Transform, this class improves accessibility to Sphinx APIs.

The subclasses can access following objects and functions:

The application object (sphinx.application.Sphinx)
The config object (sphinx.config.Config)
The environment object (sphinx.environment.BuildEnvironment)
class sphinx.transforms.post_transforms.images.ImageConverter(*args, **kwargs)[fuente]

A base class images converter.

The concrete image converters should derive this class and overrides the following methods and attributes:

  • default_priority (if needed)
  • conversion_rules
  • is_available()
  • convert()
convert(_from, _to)[fuente]

Converts the image to expected one.


Confirms the converter is available or not.

conversion_rules = []

A conversion rules between two mimetypes which this converters supports